By: Lawrence Evans - Essex Regional Educational Services Commission

Letter of Recommendation:

I am writing this letter regarding the academic program at the Elyon School in Newark New Jersey.  In my opinion the Elyon School exemplifies
what  Non-public private schools are all about, academic excellence.  At the Elyon School there is an attention to detail regarding the academic
needs of each student.  The school's foundation is solidified with strong moral and ethical values that have been at the bedrock of the school's
success.  The Essex Regional Educational Services Commission has been able to witness up close through it's provision of services at the school, the
tenacious and unrelenting and leadership of Mrs. Tyson who advocates and accepts nothing but the absolute best for her students.  She leaves no
stone-unturned regarding meeting the needs of her students.


Sincerely yours,

Lawrence Evans  
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By: Carolyn Hayes

Bradford J. Hayes and Morris O. Hayes attended 5th grade at Elyon Learning Center for the school 2011 - 2012.  When the boys started they were
evaluated to determine their academic standing.  It was discovered that they were below level in both math and reading.  We met with Ms. Tyson to
map out a plan to correct this problem. With Elyon's self-paced Christian based curriculum and Ms. Tyson's many years of experience as a
dedicated educator, we were optimistic about achieving this goal.

Ms. Tyson consistently challenged them to go above and beyond in both academics and character building.  Being able to learn at their own pace
helped them to grow without the pressures of competition.  In addition to classroom academics, they participated in frequent field trips to being
learning to life.  By the end of the school they were well prepared for grade 6.

Bradford and Morris are currently in grade 6 at Team Charter Schools.  Here they were also evaluated for academic standing and they tested on
grade level.  Their school day is extended and the curriculum is very rigorous.  Because of their training at Elyon they have adapted well to the
environment.  Elyon goes beyond academics.  It's training for life!

Sincerely yours,

Carolyn Hayes
Hard-copy of letter: Carolyn Hayes - Hard-copy of letter
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